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We can help!

We are working closely with all local councillors and other community organisations in Croxteth to deliver a new project.

The Mayoral Hardship Fund is a special fund over three years that has been set up because of the exceptional and growing pressures on Liverpool residents on a low income. These pressures have come about for a number of reasons including the Government’s ‘welfare reform’ programme, fixed and falling incomes and the increasing cost of living.The Hardship Fund is meant to help with the essentials from the ‘basic needs list’ below. 

  • Food,

  • Fuel,Clothing,

  • Housing and basic household items

  • Income maximisation, Budgeting support,

  • Access to affordable finance

  • Digital access,

  • Access to justice

If you are in need or know someone who is we can help​!!

​Call 0151 5463974