Are you unable to leave home due to coronavirus? Do you need help? The Liverpool Good Neighbour scheme will match volunteers with people in need who don’t have anyone else nearby to help with day-to-day tasks.
The scheme is not designed to replace any social care or NHS services you may receive but it can give you additional support.
What tasks can I request help with?

You can ask for help with the tasks you cannot do because you cannot leave home, such as shopping or collecting prescriptions. 

Or you may like to ask to chat to a volunteer on the phone to break up your day and hear a friendly voice.

How do I request help?

You can request help by calling 0151 233 3066. Our lines are open from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

Alternatively, you can make a request by using an online form.

Food Pantry Delivery Service

FAD Mossway Shop Collection and Delivery if in Hadrship or simple cant get out

Contact Karen 07803361794 
Leah -    07458300139
Freda - 07458300148


Please use the support lines when possible but we are hear to help. We have access to Fuel support via our advisers who can contact your provider. 

We are aware of delays in support by the provider.

In case of emergency GET IN TOUCH and we will help support you.


We will continue to provide hardship support for those that are in difficulty. We now have a voucher referral scheme and have teamed up with a local shop that can arrange for you to collect food. We can also deliver.


This is only for those in financial difficulties and when your supported, please be reassured that we provide support in the strictest confidence.

Hardship comes in many forms and we are here to listen and help!

Contact Karen 07803361794 

Leah -    07458300139
Freda - 07458300148

Emails -



We are working with partners to change our food pantry in the short term to ensure that we follow government guidelines for social distancing. 

We are taking advice from Knowsley Foodbank and Liverpool City Council.

We are providing a delivery service when possible

Watch this space for more info .............