On Hold until Further Notice

Do get in touch, we will be phoning around soon to keep contact - We are here !!!!!!

Offers a improved range of services and activities to help you get out and about and meet new friends. From our group meets we will offer

  • Thursday Bingo Club

  • Relaxation Chair Exercise

  • Lunch Clubs & Tea and Toast

  • Health Eating sessions with Karen

  • Day trips (Supported Summer/Winter Holiday)

  • Pub lunches

  • Dance to keep active 

  • ​St Pauls Tea & Toast Drop in

  • Links to Cobalt Housing and Local Councillors

  • Shopping Trips

  • Liason support, home visits, referrals for advice

.For further information call Ken or Joan on 0151 476 0523 

We provided services and activities for the expressed needs of disabled

people, older people and young disadvantaged people in order to

strengthen the cohesion of our community and bring residents ​together.

We have had some fabulous days out and our pub lunches have been a big success, meeting Rod , Elvis, Cilla, Tina, Elton, Cher and many more!!

Help us design local services !! Any suggestions or ideas