Croxteth Federations - Croxteth Family Matters Project

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The Big Advice Partnership which will see a number of advice

agencies working  closer to improve local support.   

0151 476 0523. if we are busy please leave a

message or call one of the mobile numbers

on the  answer phone message.                                                                                                                                              Karen Campbell CEO

You can also get us on Croxteth Family Matters - 0151 281 4529 

Our food pantry runs two days per week, Thursday and Friday!

Our very successful food pantry - Food Pantry Now Open two Days Per Week

We now have access to two delivery support workers and a new Eco friendly E Bike delivery service who are now out and about getting foods to individuals in need or unable to get out due to self isolation. or hardship.

Advice Services - We are now taking appointments 0151 476 0523

New Website is under construction and will provide all the latest on our service and support


Our local advice centre can support you a range of advice and information.

Working  in partnership